Mission Statement

Image and Attitude is a program of PREP Institute a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization empower women and men in transition by providing occupational & job-skill training programs, and professional business attire to help ensure employment success and self dependency.

Fundamental Principles of Image and Attitude

Dr. Tammy Evans-Colquitt, Ph.D., M.P.A.


Fundamental Principles of Image and Attitude: humanity, support, self sufficiency and service. Brief descriptions of each are provided below:

Humanity: Image and Attitude born out of the works of Dr. Tammy Evans-Colquitt, while writing her college thesis on the welfare system, discovered the perils of women in this system and the consequences to families. Dr. Evans-Colquitt knew, all too well, the challenges women were facing. In her quest to help others, Dr. Evans-Colquitt founded Image and Attitude based upon a simple principle, enhancing one’s self-esteem through a positive image.

Support:  Image and Attitude aims to elevate the self esteem of men and women by offering ongoing support through job-readiness development and support.

Self Sufficiency: Image and Attitude aims to push economically disadvantaged men and women to self sufficiency in maintaining job retention and success.

Service: Image and Attitude strongly emphasizes service. Service is a priority for both employees and volunteers.

Our commitment to the fundamental principles brings us together with a common purpose and inspires us to excel and to behave in ways that inspire the trust of the American people. Each of us is responsible for upholding and living in accordance with these values every day.


Image and Attitude values provide the foundation for the way we behave and the standard to which we hold ourselves. Each of us is responsible for upholding the values and living in accordance with them every day:

· Accountability
· Collaboration
· Commitment
· Results
· Trustworthiness and
· Humanitarianism

Dimita’s success story

Dimita Hughes became involved with Image and Attitude through the One-Stop Program via Municipal Welfare. This 30 day program assists clients in finding employment and with interviewing techniques. When this program ended, Ms. Hughes was sent to work at Image and Attitude for a 13 week period while she still received her welfare check. Her job at Image and Attitude consisted of assisting others with choosing attire for job interviews. While employed with this organization, she received valuable training which she found extremely beneficial, since her previous employment consisted of working only in fast food restaurants. Ms. Evans-Colquitt’s organization taught Dimita how to dress professionally and enabled her to develop the much needed self-esteem she needed to succeed in life. She also developed better communication skills. Image and Attitude was also instrumental in assisting her with developing a professional resume and showing her how to complete a job application on-line.

Today, Dimita is employed at Sam’s Club in Cinnaminson. She became tearful when she told me that Tammy Evans-Colquitt always believed in her. She is so grateful for the organizational skills which she now has. She went from being unemployed for over 25 years to now enjoying steady employment. She has been on her current job for 8 months. She is extremely grateful to the Image and Attitude staff and volunteers for helping her get to where she is today!

Written by Elaine Weaver-Crepps

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