Image and Attitude, Inc. is a labor of love that sprung from Tammy Evans-Colquitt’s own vision that all individuals, despite their background, should be able to put their best foot forward to a better life.

Career Closet

The clients of Image and Attitude are outfitted in a boutique setting by appointment only where they are paired with a volunteer who act as their personal shopper.  While the women receive advice on selecting an appropriate interview and office attire, their attitude and self-perception are also “made over” with encouraging words and emotional support. This creates an environment rich in learning opportunities, stimulating personal growth and improve job performance and retention.

Professional Development and Occupational Training

Image and Attitude is a trainer provider on the New Jersey Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) to provide services through its One Stop Career Center. Core services include Customer Service & Sales training, Weatherization & Environmental Health training, Life Skills & Job-Readiness training, and other employment supportive services.

Women to Women Networking & Support Group

The Women to Women Empowerment & Networking Group provides a forum for encouragement, motivation and networking to women who are on the move to empowerment & leadership, but reaching back to support other women in the community.

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